How To Make Your Air BNB Stand Out with Standout Interiors

Mar 18, 2022

How To Make Your Air BNB Stand Out with Standout Interiors

It’s safe to say that choosing where you’ll stay is a big part of your trip. Airbnb designers are going above and beyond in NI to create unique spaces, giving people unforgettable and distinctive experiences. Coming up with standout interiors, serviced apartments are grabbing everyone’s attention and becoming Instagrammable places to photograph. 


With social media being a key influencer in people’s choices in choosing what Air Bnb they stay in, it is in your best interest in this Instagram age to make statements in your design or provide luxury stays in your city to stand out from the competition in the market.


Bold Statements

Creating a statement using a specific style can create an interesting atmosphere. This can be done by using a style of furniture repeatedly throughout the interiors to make them stand out. 

Using round edges throughout is one way to do this; round shaped seats with a round table, combined with a round clock on the wall. This can also be done with materials, designing an entire room with wooden furniture and accessories.


Bold Choice of Colour

If you want your Air BnB to really stand out; the best way to do this is to have a bold statement of colour. Design a whole room with one colour in mind to create a unique space that will undoubtedly attract the eye – we have done this in our apartments and I promise you that they stand out. We went for a bright yellow, pulling this through curtains, kitchen, dining ware as well as pillows and wall art.

Although there are people who look for simple, non-complicated, standard rooms – there are always those people who are looking for an exciting and new place to stay and those numbers are only rising.


If you’re one of those people, you’re in the right place and if you want to know how much money you can really make on Airbnb


You will find that with an eye catching apartment, you are making bookings back to back like we are and very quickly you will realise the true scale of the potential in this booming market.


Remember- even if people wouldn’t choose a bright bold coloured interior in their home, holidays are for fun and people are a lot more open to quirky styles while on vacation to release their stress, change their mindset and recharge while they explore a new place. 

In our apartments in Belfast, you will see the previously spoken about apartment, with vibrant yellow doors combining an industrial with a grey modern vibe-made to create a ‘home from home’ environment that is engaging, fun, Instagrammable, whilst also being an easy to clean and maintain space. 



Sticking to a theme when designing an apartment is a great way of creating a special environment and making sure all your design choices are correlating. 

Again, people going on vacation are looking for experiences, so make sure your interior represents the experience you’d like to offer.


Customise your Apartment

Give your apartment a name and have personalised pieces in the room, highlighting the name again. 


Having the name somewhere in the interior will make people remember their stay here and feel like they’re somewhere truly special. If the room is so unique it even got its own name, it must be! If not the apartment name, you can use other tricks such as the Wellesley Guest Accomodation having a statement yellow door. People will remember this. 


Go Beyond what’s Expected

Have you ever noticed a nice addition in a place you stayed at and thought ‘wow this is so nice and different!’? This is a great way to add to someone’s experience and of connecting with them by doing something they wouldn’t normally expect. 


Central Belfast Apartments for example offer Free Netflix to their guests which is a really welcoming gesture that will definitely put a smile on many guests faces. 


A great way of making your Airbnb stand out is by having this wow factor created by including statement pieces, bold colours and unique environments. Of course you need to provide people with necessary amenities and cleanliness, but that goes without saying. 


People are chasing experiences and if you’re planning on taking that trip to the UK, you won’t be disappointed by going to Belfast. Not only is it a popular travel destination with The Titanic museum, Game of Thrones filming sets and Day Trips to the Giants Causeway, but it has fabulous apartments to stay in that you could be offering your monthly rental to and making a huge profit in comparison to the monthly payments you receive at the moment.


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