David Cordner
Managing Director

I set up Central Belfast Apartments Airbnb Management back in 2016 after successfully running my own serviced accommodation units for a few years. I could see the huge potential of tourism in Belfast and the growing numbers of visitors the city was welcoming. I’m super passionate about the city and love being able to show it off to our guests. Setting up the management company enabled our portfolio to grow quickly while also giving our property owner clients the ability to leverage my expertise and systems to generate fantastic passive income. Our brand has grown and developed alongside the city.

Who Can We Help?

Wanting to dip your toe into the world of Serviced Accommodation?

Serviced Accommodation and AirBnB can be daunting and intimidating. You’ve heard about the potential to make profit in this industry. However, you’ll also have heard the horror stories of properties being used for parties where it is left in a terrible condition with lots of damage to repair and furnishings to replace.

Maybe you’re worried about letting strangers into your property, but you can’t get out of work to meet guests when they arrive during the day.

You know you can achieve higher returns on Booking.com and Expedia, but you don’t have the card processing facilities they require. And doesn’t using those sites mean that “Anyone” can book?!

Maybe you’re just not sure if you have the time or energy to enter this busy and fast paced industry…

Look no further than Central Belfast Apartments Hosting and Management Services. We’ll do the hard work, leaving you to relax, knowing your properties are in safe hands.

Our wealth of experience comes from over ten years in Serviced Accommodation. We really have seen it all! We’re confident you’ll find no one better to host and manage your properties.

David Cordner
Managing Director

Fed up of Airbnb taking over your life?

Let’s face it. AirBnB isn’t as simple and straightforward as it may first appear. The tasks can be tedious and time consuming.

There’s processing bookings, adjusting nightly rates, sorting and storing clean and dirty laundry, organising cleaners (then being let down by them), and all of that’s before you even think about guests!

You’ve also got the arduous task of communicating with guests by email, text or phone call (that’s if you can get a hold of them)! Then there’s all the time spent watching the clock tick and your day slip by whilst waiting for those guests that were due to arrive an hour ago, and are still nowhere to be seen.

Maybe you thought a remote check in would be the answer?! Instead, you now spend hours on the phone explaining where the key can be found to guests who didn’t read their confirmation email and the check in instructions provided.

Is your calendar filled with one night stays resulting in high costs and no time off?

Are your family exasperated with you being glued to your phone all the time? Has it become surgically attached to your hand as you process bookings while out and about in your own time?

Fed up facilitating everyone else’s holidays, leaving you no time for your own?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone could take that weight off your shoulders and complete those laborious tasks for you, whilst also making you more money?

Look no further than Central Belfast Apartments Hosting and Management Services!

Handing over your property might seem daunting. Why choose Central Belfast Apartments Hosting and Management Services?

Let us show you why you should trust us…

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