Best Marketing Strategies For Serviced Accommodation

Apr 5, 2022

Best Marketing Strategies For Serviced Accommodation

Starting your Airbnb management journey can be a bit daunting, especially if it’s your first time however; chances are it will be the best choice you’ll make. What’s better than a constant flow of income, generated from something you’ve created? 


With everything on your shoulders, things can become more difficult to manage and that’s what serviced accommodation management experts are here for.


Getting guidance from people with real experience will save you from making mistakes, which is something you can’t afford to do at the beginning of your journey. Making clients’ airbnb dreams come true since 2016, central belfast apartments are the best at managing serviced apartments. 


Below you’ll find some useful marketing strategies that will guide you to make the right choice about your airbnb. 


Getting Airbnb Bookings through Website

Your own website, get direct bookings. Optimise the site. Updating it regularly, blogs – share them. 


The best thing you can do to drive clients to your Airbnb is to have your own unique website, where people can easily book their stay. Putting your contact details is a good idea, however you want to make sure that people don’t need to rely on making phone calls to book in. 


The key is to make things as easy as possible, which means you’ll need to create an easy to navigate, visually appealing website. 


If you’ve already done this, the real work is about to begin. Optimising your website so that google ranks it high in search results is key in bringing clients to your website. 


Doing things like posting regular content and having relevant keywords on your site that are popularly searched will be highly beneficial. There are great specialists who can take care of optimising your website for google to make sure you’re doing everything you can to drive as much traffic as possible to your brand. 


Build a Brand through Social Media

Interacting with people, posting valuable content, people asking questions and getting responses are among the many methods.


Interacting with people on social media, in Facebook groups for example is a great way to bring clients to your site, while also being friendly and personal which people love. 


Bear in mind that much more people are seeing your interactions than the people who actually interacted with them, and your reach is higher than it may seem. 


For example, if we reply to a person asking for best places to stay in Belfast with a link to our site, that information will be visible to anyone stumbling upon the post. 


This can be through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tik Tok which is probably your best friend when it comes to reaching out through social media. We now have a Tik Tok for @CentralBelfast and one dedicated to serviced apartment management called @airbnbcoach


Teaming up with Companies

Teaming up with companies that you can offer a service to in exchange for theirs is extremely beneficial. We team up with local bars and restaurants all around Belfast and film the experience of eating/drinking at their place, which gives them exposure online while getting us views. 


There’s a lot that can be done when two companies work together on pushing social media presence, and it’s completely cost free. 


We all know how successful competitions can be, coming from the fact everybody loves free things. 


There’s a smart way of creating valuable competitions completely cost free and that is by offering a free service to a company in exchange for theirs, which you can then use as a prize for an insta competition. 


For a thorough video explaining marketing strategies relating to Airbnb management in Belfast be sure to check out the full video on Tik Tok. 


You can check out the future growth of the serviced accommodation industry and how much money you can really make with Airbnb for more information.


If you are ready to take the plunge, get in contact for tailored professional guidance on how to get started and be successful in running an Airbnb in Belfast.


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