Terms & Conditions

Having signed or confirmed by booking on the web site or other means you accept to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Occupation from the date your occupation commences. You acknowledge that the Property is not your principle residence. Central Belfast Apartments Limited, (the Agent) is a company incorporated under the Companies Acts and having its registered office at 96 Upper Lisburn Road, Finaghy, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT10 0BB1.Payment & Cancellation:-

We have two rate categories.

· Non refundable. Full payment taken up front.

· Flexible. Free cancellation until 30 days prior to the date of arrival. No money is taken until 30 days prior to the date of arrival then full balance taken

1.2 The card holder must be present at the time of check in and will be required to produce the credit card which has been charged for payment and photographic identification.

1.3 All non-UK residents will be required to show a valid passport on arrival.

2.The Occupant agrees to pay:-

2.1 All costs and expenses incurred by the Agent in connection with any repairs or other works at the Property including Contents resulting from actions of the Occupant or the actions of any third party.

2.2 Indemnify the Agent from and against all liability incurred by its breach of these Terms and Conditions of Occupation.

2.3 Pay the full amount of outstanding Consideration to the end of the contractual period in the event of it terminating the Terms and Conditions of Occupation before the Termination Date.

2.4 Pay the cost of disposing of any personal items left in the Property once he or she (or the Residents) has/ have moved out.

2.5 Pay the cost of storing and/or transporting any left luggage.

3 The Occupant accepts that:-

3.1 Central Belfast Apartment acts as the agent on behalf of the owner, a list of owners is available on the website. Central Belfast Apartments will process the payment on behalf of ownersand will be the point of contact should any issues arise or complaints made in regards to the apartment or payment of such apartments.

3.2 The Property and the Contents are in good condition and repair, and in good working order and clean.

3.3 Check in is from 3pm and Check out is 10am – Access to the apartments will be by arrangement.

4 The Occupant will:-

4.1Maintain the interior of the Property in good condition and repair and leave the Property in good condition and repair, fair wear and tear excepted at the Termination Date or when the occupant (and/or the Residents) leaves the Property.

4.2Maintain and operate the central heating, security system (if any), and electrical appliances in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and keep the Property adequately heated at all times.

4.3Keep the Contents clean and in good condition (and in good working order) and pay for the replacement or repair of any Contents which may be broken, damaged or lost.

4.4 Allow the Agent and any other party authorised by the Agent access to the Property after 24 hours notification (except in an emergency or in connection with the routine housekeeping of the apartment, when no notice need be given) for the purposes of inspection, viewing with or without the occupant, carrying out repairs, or any other necessary purpose to the Property or any adjacent or neighbouring Property.

4.5Pay for reinstating any damage or defects to the Property caused by its actions or actions of any third party including the Residents.

4.6 Not alter, modify, decorate or paint the Property or the Contents without the written consent of the Agent, and then only by employing tradesmen approved by them.

4.7 Not remove any of the Contents or fixtures and fittings from the Property.

4.8 Immediately report to the Agent any damage or defect in the Property or Contents and any necessary repairs.

4.9 Without prejudice to the above pay for the repair or replacement of the Property or any part of the Property, the communal areas, lifts (if any), and Contents where it or any third party, are responsible for the damage or defect.

4.10 Will not smoke in the apartment or allow guests to smoke.

5.The Occupant will:-

5.1Arrange insurance of and be solely responsible for its own personal effects and the personal effects of the Residents.

5.2 Not do or omit to do, on or with respect to the Property, either by itself or by any person authorised by it or any other party, any act which may result in the insurance of the Property being invalidated or the premium being increased.

6.The Agent will be entitled to terminate the Terms and Condition of Occupation and recover possession of the Property (by re-entering the Property or part of it to recover possession) if:-

6.1The Occupant fails to pay the Consideration or any other sum due in terms of the Terms and Conditions of Occupation, within 7 days of receipt of notice from the Agent that any Consideration or other sum has not been paid .

6.2 The Occupant fails to comply with the conditions, obligations and provisions contained in the Terms and Conditions of Occupation following the Agent giving immediate notice requesting compliance.

6.3 Use the Property for any purpose other than as a serviced apartment and not for business use.

6.4 Allow any person other than the Residents to occupy the Property.

6.5 Do anything which will be a nuisance, annoyance or cause damage to neighbours, neighbouring property, communal areas or the Agent.

6.6 Leave the Property unoccupied for a period in excess of fourteen days without prior notice in writing to the Agent.

6.7 Keep any animals, birds, reptiles or any other pets.

6.8 Use the Property for any illegal or immoral purposes.

6.9 Use or store bottled Gas, inflammable fuels or paraffin heaters in the Property.

6.10 Display any advertisement either on the outside of the Property or visible from outside it.

7. The Occupant will;

7.1 Heat and ventilate the Property adequately to avoid condensation.

7.2Not hang clothes or other articles on the outside of the Property except in areas specifically provided for that purpose.

7.3 Not dry clothes over heaters or radiators within the Property

7.4 Remove rubbish and waste daily form the apartment to the bins provided outside.

Central Belfast Apartments operates a strict “No party” policy. At the full discretion of the agent and in any event the Agent reserves the right to request a security deposit. Payment will be pre authorised and the Occupant will be informed in advance of such event. The security deposit will be fully refunded to the Occupier’s credit card within 48 hours of the departure providing there are no outstanding issue.

Disregard of the “No Party” policy in any terms will result in the Occupant being removed from the Property and the deposit not being returned. The requirement for extra cleaning may also be additionally chargeable

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